Understanding Personal Injury Cases With Assistance From A Milwaukee Accident Attorney

A Milwaukee Accident Attorney handles cases related to accidents that were not the victim’s fault. During the course of a personal injury claim, an attorney introduces the nature and events of the accident in which he or she sustained injuries. The attorney provides evidence to back up the victim’s claim when the case is presented to the judge. If you were the victim in an accident and need legal representation, call Jacobson, Schrinsky, and Houck – Personal Injury Attorneys.

What to Expect in an Injury Case

First, you will meet with your attorney to discuss your case. He or she will gather evidence to support your claim. This includes medical records and a full description of your injuries to give the judge an insight into how the accident has affected your life. During this case, your attorney presents this evidence and offers the opposition present their side of the story. The judge will review the details of this case and listen to the other side to make a determination. Once he or she makes this determination, you are informed whether or not you will receive compensation and the overall value awarded.

Local Injury Attorney

The Law Offices of Jacobson, Schrinsky, and Houck afford you the opportunity to introduce your injury case to the judge. By filing a claim with this law firm, you receive a solid case against your opposition. In this claim, your attorney will describe your injuries and establish fault. The claim provides the judge with information such as medical costs associated with these injuries and the amount of wages you have lost during your recovery time. If you require legal assistance with a personal injury claim, call this law firm at the number listed on their website at Jsh-law.com.


Your Milwaukee Accident Attorney aids you in filing an effective injury claim. Through hard work and diligence your attorney acquires all needed evidence to include medical records and bills. The judge will review the overall value of your expenses and the severity of your injuries to establish a fair settlement. He or she will determine whether the case has enough supporting evidence to prove fault and to award you compensation.



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