Understanding The Laws That Apply To Child Support In Washington, Indiana

Child Support Washington Indiana relates to the legal obligation of non-custodial parents, and the requirements assigned by the judge during child custody proceedings. In most cases, the judge requires the non-custodial parent to pay a percentage each month based on their gross monthly income and the number of children. If a non-custodial parent fails to pay these required child-support payments he or she is in contempt of court and will face legal repercussions.

Deadbeat Parents

In some geographical areas, non-custodial parents who fail to provide Child Support Washington Indiana payments are labeled “deadbeat parents.” In fact, some areas will publish a photograph of the non-custodial parent along with the monetary value of the unpaid child-support payments. Typically, the judge has a right to sign a warrant for the arrest of non-custodial parents who fail to make scheduled payments. In some cases, the judge may require that the missed payments equate to a specific monetary value before signing this warrant.

Stricter Enforcement of Deadbeat Parent Laws

Non-custodial parents who fail to pay their child-support payments may face severe charges depending upon the laws that apply to these payments in their local area. However, newer laws that apply to deadbeat parents have surfaced that allow court jurisdictions to detain the non-custodial parent within the county jail until payments are made. In these cases, it is probable that the non-custodial parent will remain in the county jail until he or she accumulates enough money based on jail time. Someone acting upon the non-custodial parent’s behalf may catch these payments up to secure his or her release from jail.


Child-support payments are required by law. Any non-custodial parent who is ordered to make these payments by a judge and fails is subject to the penalties that apply to these failures. This may include the judge signing a warrant for contempt of court and detaining the non-custodial parent in the county jail. Some regions will broadcast information related to deadbeat parents in the local newspaper or television news to learn the whereabouts of these individuals.

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