Weighing all Options before Filing for Bankruptcy

Are you considering bankruptcy in view of your present circumstances of garnishment and constant harassment from creditors? Venturing in this legal process to make you debt-free can be a daunting experience but not if you have the experience and skills of Bankruptcy Lawyer Tipp City OH. Before making the decision whether bankruptcy is the option for your dire financial situation, request for a free legal consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer in your state. There are many conflicting information on bankruptcy but your lawyer can provide you with the best advice whether filing for bankruptcy is the right decision to pursue.

Will the house and car be affected by bankruptcy?

Contrary to popular belief, your house and car will not be lost in a bankruptcy petition since the laws of the state of Ohio protect your equity towards these assets. Instances where the individuals lose these properties are due to their voluntary surrender inasmuch as they can no longer afford the mortgage payments. In Chapter 13, your assets and property are not in danger of being liquidated to satisfy creditors. This is a repayment plan where all the debts are consolidated to be paid within 3 to 5 years time. It is required that you have employment in order to repay a portion of the debts according to the terms that will be provided by bankruptcy courts.

When will the creditors stop their harassment?

Once the bankruptcy petition is filed in court by Bankruptcy Lawyer Tipp City OH, the courts orders a stop to all collection activities without their permission. However, during the bankruptcy proceedings, there will be a 341 meeting of creditors and it is for your best advantage to have legal representation since there is that likely chance that one or more of the creditors will try to contest the bankruptcy filled.

Can bankruptcy be filed even without a lawyer?

It is not required by law to have a bankruptcy lawyer but laws can be complex and if you are not particularly knowledgeable with the laws in Ohio, an error can have a negative effect on your petition. Before 2005, the laws were quite simple and if you have some knowledge with the law and financial background, you can easily go about with filing the bankruptcy case. However, after 2005, the laws have been made stricter and more complex to significantly affect the chances of being approved with the petition. A Bankruptcy Lawyer Tipp City OH will work for your best interests to help you gain a life that is debt free.

What are the signs that bankruptcy is the right choice?

Are your wages being garnished? Are you paying off your credit card debts by borrowing from your remaining credit cards? Perhaps, the car is in danger of being repossessed or your utilities are bound to be disconnected anytime soon. Lawsuits are being filed against you because you have not been religious in the payment of your debts. Perhaps, filing of bankruptcy is the only alternative instead of putting yourself into more severe financial constraints by approaching loan sharks.


Bankruptcy Lawyer In Tipp City OH – Not withstanding the fact that you do not need a lawyer to file bankruptcy, it follows that Bankruptcy Lawyer Tipp City OH will look out for your best interests. For more information, visit us website.

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