What Can DUI Attorneys in Mankato MN Do?

Most people realize they don’t want to go to court without an attorney to help them, but they may wonder, what do DUI Attorneys in Mankato MN actually do? There is a lot an attorney can do to help someone accused of a DUI. They might be able to have the charges lowered, have the charges dismissed, or minimize the sentence the accused is facing if they’re convicted of a DUI.

DUIs Include a Lot of Consequences

Most people realize they’ll receive jail time and fines if they’re convicted of a DUI. They’ll also lose their driver’s license for a period of time just for being arrested for the DUI, may lose their job because of the arrest, and could end up having trouble finding a new job or a place to live in the future because they’ll have a criminal record. There are serious consequences for a DUI other than just the ones they face when they’re sentenced.

An Attorney Will Make Sure Their Clients’ Rights are Upheld

Before, during, and after an arrest, and throughout a trial, everyone has certain rights. An attorney will make sure these rights are upheld by checking to ensure everything was done according to proper procedures. For instance, the person has the right to drive without being pulled over for no reason. An attorney will make sure the officers had a reason to stop the person. If they did not, the rest of the stop may be thrown out as evidence, which could mean the charges are dismissed.

An Attorney Will Try to Minimize the Impact of a Conviction

If it’s not possible to avoid a conviction, the attorney can still work to minimize the impact a conviction will have on their client’s life. They might be able to convince the judge to offer a reduced sentence for their client or help their client obtain a hardship license so they can continue to drive until their license can be renewed. The attorney can discuss possible sentences and ways to minimize them with their client.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, the DUI Attorneys in Mankato MN can help you get a better outcome and try to avoid a conviction. Visit Blatzlawminnesota.com now to learn more and to find a DUI attorney to help you.

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