What Claimants Should Ask Their Disability Attorney in Oklahoma City

In Oklahoma, claimants file an application to acquire disability benefits. The application must provide full disclosure of the medical condition identified. It must also provide details about when it started and when it was diagnosed. The following are questions that all claimants should ask their disability attorney in Oklahoma City.

What Elements Define an Eligible Disability?

An eligible disability is a condition that prevents the claimant from working in any industry. It doesn’t matter if the condition is physical or mental, but it must present a disability that hinders the individual’s ability to complete job duties. It could also present an incapacitated state that could prevent them from managing normal daily tasks. If it is physical, a medical doctor must present evidence of the condition. If it is mental, the claimant must have psychiatric records to verify the condition.

If a Claimant Worked Previously, Can They Acquire Disability Benefits?

Yes, they are eligible for disability benefits if they worked previously. If the claimant worked for an extensive period, they may qualify for SSDI, which is accumulated through contributions through social security taxes. The duration in which the claimant worked previously defines how much money they receive each month.

Whose Income Can Affect the Claimant’s Benefits?

If the claimant is a minor, their parents’ incomes will affect the total benefits they receive each month. The same is true of claimants who are married. However, if the claimant is a single adult, the income of any party that lives in their home and contributes to household expenses could affect their benefits.

Does the Claimant Need a Trustee for the Bank Account Where the Benefits Are Deposited?

If the claimant has a mental disability or is a minor, the SSA will require a trustee to manage their bank account. This trustee must be someone that the claimant trusts. However, if they are a minor, the trustee is typically a parent or legal guardian.

In Oklahoma, claimants file an application to receive social security disability benefits. These claimants must provide evidence of their eligibility by providing medical records and testimony provided by their doctor. Claimants who need legal help contact a disability attorney in Oklahoma City by visiting website.com today.

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