What is bail money?

If you are arrested on suspicion of committing a crime, you will be told the charge and taken to a police station. At the station you will be booked, the booking procedure includes taking a mug shot and fingerprints as well as checking your criminal background if any. Once you have been booked and your personal possessions have been taken away and inventories, you will be placed in a holding cell with others who have been arrested recently. The first thing that will enter your mind is, “how do I get out of here?”

In most cases, the defendant will be released once he has made Bail In Rohnert Park. Bail is a form of insurance given to the court that you will return to face trial on a given day. If, on the day of the trial the suspect appears in court, the bail money is returned, regardless of the outcome of the trial.

The amount of bail set is normally dependent on the crime and the history of the accused. For minor crimes or first offence misdemeanors, bail is a standard amount and can paid to the court immediately for immediate release. In other cases, where the crime is serious and is considered a felony, the bail is usually set by a judge during arraignment. When the accused is presented in court and the charges read, the judge will ask for a plea and then he will set bail based on the character details presented by the police.

There are several ways to pay Bail In Rohnert Park; the most obvious is with cash. Although it is the most obvious, there are many instances when the bail is far in excess of the amount of cash available to the accused and he needs to turn to a bail bondsman for help. A bail bondsman takes collateral for all or a proportion of the amount requested, the bondsman in turn charges a 10% fee for arranging the bail. The bondsman pays this fee over to the court as surety; he guarantees the face amount of the bail with a bond which is usually backed by a special insurance that the bondsman carries. On the day of the court appearance, when the accused appears the fee is returned to the bondsman, not the accused. The surety bond is cancelled. If the accused fails to show up in court when told, he is considered a bail jumper, the bail is forfeited and the bondsman loses. At this time, the bondsman will usually turn the apprehension of the bail jumper over to a bounty hunter who will track him down and return him to court.

When bail in Rohnert Park is set and paid, the accused is let free. This is good for the system as it helps to relieve an overcrowded jail system and it is good for the accused as he can continue to work as well as spend time with his lawyer.



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