What to Know About Divorce

Divorce can be a funny thing. For some people, it is a very sad and traumatic time. A divorce means the end of a certain type of lifestyle, perhaps the end of relationships beyond just a spouse, not to mention possibly losing a home and the burden placed upon children. However, divorce in Boyertown PA for other people can mark the beginning of a new life, of new opportunities, of new love. Whichever path you are on, the process for filing for divorce is the same.

The first important realization you must understand is that a divorce is really about negotiating on a settlement. Settling on the division of assets, of the division of the debts, of the division of time with the kids. It is also about determining how much alimony will be paid and, if there are children, how much child support will be paid. There are so many factors to be worked through that even the most benign divorces usually end up with both parties consulting with a lawyer who handles divorce in Boyertown PA.

Knowing the variables going into a divorce decree, having a divorce attorney represent you is advisable. One can review your situation and determine what a judge might decide should the divorce go to trial. Some issues are non-negotiable, such as child support. The court determines an amount based upon the incomes of both parties and the type of custody — joint or sole– agreed upon. Alimony can be negotiated. This includes how much and for how long. The benchmark for how long is usually for the same number of years you were married.

You and your spouse can try to come to terms without hiring attorneys who handle divorce in Boyertown PA. If your relationship is not toxic, and you can sit in a room long enough to hash out the terms, you are one of the lucky few. Even couples ending a relationship who get along well enough not to need lawyers may want to hire a mediator.

A mediator is someone who acts as a neutral third party to help the divorcing couple work through some of the more challenging issues in the divorce. Although they may be lawyers themselves, they do not represent either party. And if you file for a divorce and serve your spouse divorce papers in which he or she contests, the courts will order both of you to go to mediation anyways.



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