What Victims Should Know About A Dog Bite Injury In Nassau County, NY

New York laws outline provisions for dog attack victims. As outlined in these laws, the victim is within their rights to enter the premises based on permission or through performing their job duties. The only circumstances in which the victim’s rights are protected is an unlawful entry. After a Dog bite injury in the Nassau County NY area, an attorney provides the answers these victims need.

Reporting a Dog Bite Injury

When the victim visits an emergency room for treatment, the doctor is required by law to report the incident. They submit a report to the county animal control officer outlining the entire incident. The report includes the severity of the victim’s injuries as well as the location of the dog. The animal control officer sends a notification to the pet owner for a quarantine request.

The quarantine requests require the pet owner to surrender the dog to a licensed vet. The vet must observe the behavior of the animal for a period of up to twelve days. This allows them to determine if the dog is aggressive and if they exhibit signs of rabies infection. Any dog that is suspected of rabies infection is euthanized, and the victim is notified. Additionally, any dogs that exhibit a danger to the public are retained by animal control.

Understanding Liabilities for Owning Dogs

The pet owner is liable if they allowed the victim into their property without taking proper precautions. They are responsible for any actions taken by their pet. This includes circumstances in which the animal leaves their property and enters the property of another resident in their area.

Strict liability laws apply to pet owners who had previous knowledge of aggressive behavior. The owner could face criminal penalties if they harbor dangerous animals that were involved in previous attacks. New York laws outline potential fines and compensation required if the animal causes any additional Dog Bite Injury.

New York laws enforce provisions that apply to dog attacks. Under these laws, the pet owner is liable when the victim didn’t enter their property unlawfully. Equally, the pet owner must comply with any requirements of animal control in their county. Victims who sustained a Dog Bite Injury in Nassau County NY should contact an attorney for further instruction.

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