What You Must Know About Workers Compensation

Misfortunes do happen, no matter how careful you are. It can occur at any given time and catch you off guard. Workers can also get injured while they perform their duties. Under state laws, the employer may be held liable for the pecuniary losses incurred due to work-related injuries.

The government recognizes the importance and contribution of workers in the success of any business and the progress of our nation; if not for our workers we would not be where we are now. In recognition of their invaluable effort, the government enacts laws that favor workers and guarantees benefits of workers. Workers Comp Attorneys in Centralia WA help employees understand and defend their rights.

Blue-collar workers or employees who work manually in industries such as manufacturing, mechanical, construction, maintenance, mining, technical installation and many other types of manual labor are at increased risk of getting injured at work. There are a lot of mishaps that can occur at work. It seems that every time they operate machineries, they are at risk for an accident. But work related injuries can also occur among white collar workers. Those who spend long hours in sitting or standing position may also be at risk for health problems that are related with their occupation. The likelihood of work-related injuries is wide and varied. It is essential that workers understand their rights and know what they should do in case an injury occurs during the course of employment.

If you have been injured at work, the first thing you should do is to seek medical attention right away. You should also inform your immediate supervisor about the injury at the soonest possible time. A written documentation of the injury is crucial in filing your claims in the future. The medical records are also an essential part of the whole legal process.

Workers Comp Attorneys in Centralia, WA can assist you through entire process, from the initial filing of the claims until the actual receipt of compensation. You can leave the whole legal issue at the hands of your lawyer while you recuperate from the injuries sustained.

There are a lot of things that need to be done before and during the filing of your worker’s compensation. The lawyer evaluates the case and gives appropriate advice to the client. Depending on the nature and severity of the injury sustained, the Workers Comp Attorneys in Centralia, WA would tell you whether your claim would be successful or not. Supporting documents are gathered to further strengthen your claim. Sometimes you will need to bring in independent healthcare practitioners to provide expert opinion about your case. Countless paperwork is also accomplished through the entire legal process. There are just way too many legal procedures and requirements that must be satisfied before your claim gets approved.

All of these must be completed within a given period of time. For a claim to be valid it should be made within thirty days after the injury. The help that a workers’ compensation attorney provides is indispensible for the success of your claim.


If you have suffered work-related injury, you may be entitled to file claims. Consult Workers Comp Attorneys Centralia WA  to learn more about your rights. Visit Putnamlieb.com for more details.


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