When You Might Need a Veterans Benefits Virginia Beach Lawyer

Those who have served their country are given benefits. Some of the benefits that veterans are eligible for may include disability pension or pay, educational grants and loans and even home loans. It’s important for those who are active to know their veteran’s benefits program in order to maximize their use when returning to active duty.

What If I Become Disabled During Active Duty?
There is compensation for those veterans who sustain injury or disease while in active duty. If an existing injury or disease becomes worse because of active service the veteran can receive disability as well. Some veterans can also receive pay or pension from disability because of illnesses or injuries suffered while under the veteran’s assistance health care.

Any veteran that receives an honorable discharge or a medical discharge can be eligible for disability pay when this happens. Benefit payments can vary and are based on the extent of the injury/disability and the family situation. It can be a complicated process and many seek out a Veterans benefits Virginia Beach attorney to help them sort through the paperwork.

What Types of Injuries Can a Veterans Benefits Virginia Beach Lawyer Get You Coverage For?
Veteran disability compensation can include compensation for physical and psychological disabilities. Many times veterans will be disabled physically and psychologically when serving active duty.

Such injuries include the following: lost limbs; post traumatic stress syndrome; spinal injuries; combat related anxiety and/or depression and any other disability that can occur while on active duty.

How Can a Veterans Benefits Virginia Beach Attorney Help You Obtain Compensation?
A Veterans Virginia Beach lawyer can help you obtain compensation when you qualify. Anyone who was discharged under anything, but a dishonorable discharge can apply for disability compensation. The amount one qualifies for ranges greatly and can be anywhere between $100 per month to over $3000 per month.

It’s important to find a good attorney to help you obtain your Veteran disability benefits. Many times they’ll help you start the process by helping you fill out a VA form 21-526. This is a Veterans Application for Compensation or Pension.

Many times you’ll also need to include other documentation to have the best chance of being given the benefits you deserve. Such documents can include dependency records, such as marriage certificate or children’s birth certificates and medical evidence given to you by your medical practitioner.

For the more severe cases there are special compensations for certain Veterans. Veterans who qualify for substantial monthly pay outs include the following: a victim of cancer or disease that was caused by herbicide exposure or agent orange exposure; a prisoner of war; a veteran who suffered from radiation exposure; or a Gulf War Veteran.


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