Why Slip and Fall Victims Should Hirea Personal Injury Attorney?

Unfortunately, many people slip and fall at businesses every single day. In some instances, the injuries are very minor. In other instances, the injuries are very serious. It is certainly possible for a customer to suffer a life threatening hip injury that impairs his or her mobility. When a seriously injured victim tries to deal with the insurance company, the settlement offers from the insurer are often ridiculously low. The insurance company is unlikely to offer a reasonable settlement to anyone who does not have legal counsel. Almost no victim can take a defendant to court without having legal counsel. That is why settlement offers to victims without lawyers are often much lower than to those who have Personal Injury Attorneys in Iowa.

Fortunately, slip and fall victims who decide to hire a Personal Injury Attorney Iowa will likely get much better settlement offers. First of all, the attorney will begin to accumulate evidence in the slip and fall case. Although it is unlikely that the case will ever go to trial, the amount of the eventual settlement depends on how much the insurance company could lose if the case ever did go to trial. That is why the attorney will spend a lot of time and effort on a case even though it is likely never to go to trial.

After the evidence has been collected, the slip and fall victim may be requested by the defense to undergo a deposition. The Personal Injury Attorney Iowa will help the victim to prepare for the sometimes hostile questioning that will come from the insurance company. If the victim’s attorney prepares the client well, then the deposition should be pretty easy.

Eventually, the victim’s attorney and the insurance company attorneys will have to begin negotiations on a settlement. The amount of the offer is likely to be much higher than what was initially offered to the victim when he or she did not have legal counsel. After some hard fought negotiations, both parties will eventually settle. Neither side will be completely happy. However, both sides will obtain a settlement that each can live with.



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