Why You Should Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer in Spokane Valley, WA For A Libel or Slander Case

When people think of personal injury cases, many of them assume you are speaking of cases where one party was physically harmed due to the carelessness of another. However, the law takes harm to one’s reputation just as seriously as a physical injury. If someone has committed defamation by making a false statement that has stained your reputation, you can sue them for damages. However, it is wise to hire an attorney if you plan to do so. Consider the following reasons why having legal help is best.

Defamation Must Be Proven

No court is simply going to convict someone of defamation based on your accusation. For that reason alone, you can benefit from the help of a Personal Injury Lawyer Spokane Valley WA. They’ll be able to help you prove the following necessary items in your case.

  • The statement made was false.
  • The statement was communicated as fact and not opinion.
  • The statement was made to a third party.
  • The statement was not privileged (such as those made under oath).

Proving these things requires investigation and evidence, and your attorney will know where to find the evidence and which types of evidence will hold up in court.

Your Damages Depend On What Happened

The type of defamation that occurred will affect how much you are able to recover in damages. For example, a case involving libel, where a defamatory statement was written and disseminated to thousands of people, may result in greater damages than a case involving a slanderous statement made to a small number of people. After an evaluation of your case, your attorney will help you understand what the case is really worth so that you won’t miss out on recovering any damages that you may be entitled to. Visit website to know about the experienced personal injury lawyers in Spokane Valley, WA.

You cannot control what other people do or say, but you don’t have to let the false words of another person ruin the reputation you’ve worked hard to build. A Personal Injury Lawyer Spokane Valley WA, will not only answer questions about the complexities of defamation law, they’ll be key in developing a sound legal strategy for your case. If you’re seeking to clear your reputation and get back your good name, call Cooney Law Offices. Allow their legal professionals to give you the information and assistance needed to obtain the justice you deserve.

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