Working Through the Division of Property

by | Nov 22, 2012 | Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce can bring up a variety of issues that need to be resolved. You may not know how to proceed if your spouse is being difficult or you’re the one who feels strongly about certain assets. This is not an easy situation and for the majority of people it is not something you’ve had to endure in the past. This is all new to you and the feelings it brings up can make you not able to be rational. One of the biggest issues during a divorce proceeding is the division of property. You can use a divorce attorney in Mequon, WI to establish the property division and this can be an easier way to work through it.

You will need to make a list of the assets, possessions, and even bank accounts that you may have acquired before the marriage, during, and after. When you’ve been separated for a period of time, either party could have acquired debt or property that should be evaluated as well. It can be a difficult decision to decide who gets what and why. If you were the main breadwinner in the relationship, you may feel entitled to more than the other partner. However, the other party may feel as though they deserve more because they took care of the home and family so that you could focus on your work. A divorce attorney in Mequon, WI will take the time to work through the arguments for both sides. They can give you an objective angle to the situation to enable you to make a sound decision and request. If you are forced to go in front of a judge, they will not be amenable to you getting everything. Regardless of the situation, you need to be fair in what you request. If you can let go of some things for which you don’t care, you can then go on to request others that have meaning to you or will help you in the future. This is not the time to be greedy or try to be vindictive to your spouse. Many of the financial decisions and monies were agreed upon by you both. Using a reputable divorce attorney in Mequon, WI can help you decide what to fight for and what to just let go.

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