3 Reasons to Hire a Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyer in Stockton

People with a disability that makes it difficult to maintain employment, apply for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. The application process for SSD benefits is complex and one mistake could put the whole process on hold for months or years. Keep reading to learn the top three reasons for hiring a Social Security disability benefits lawyer in Stockton.

1. Higher Approval Chances

The truth is that nearly 90% of all SSD applications are denied the first time around. Hiring an attorney doesn’t guarantee the application will get approved right away, but it ensures the correct information is included with the application. Most people are denied right out of the gate because the application was missing paperwork or something wasn’t filled out correctly.

2. Representation During the Appeals Process

Since most applications get denied the first time, this means that these applicants have to go through the appeals process. Appealing a denied SSD claim isn’t something to do alone. One needs legal representation to present the proper evidence before the court when the case goes before an administrative judge.

3. It’s In One’s Best Interest

Hiring a Social Security disability benefits lawyer in Stockton is always in a person’s best interest. These professionals make sure all the medical evidence is collected and presented in a manner that benefits one’s case. These lawyers don’t require large upfront fees and only get paid when the disability claim goes through. For more information about SSD legal representation, please visit the website of Pena & Bromberg today.

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