4 Ways A DWI Lawyer In Cambridge MD Can Challenge A DWI Arrest

Being arrested for driving under the influence can be a very scary and stressful time. If the individual pleads guilty, it can be very costly. They would be required to pay a hefty fine, attend and pay for an alcohol treatment program, and they could lose their license for three to six months. If the arrest was not the individual’s first offense, the penalties would be much harsher. If an individual doesn’t want to deal with the penalties associated with a DWI arrest, they should consider hiring a DWI lawyer in Cambridge, MD. There are a few ways that a lawyer can try to fight the charges.

Challenge The Breathalyzer Results

If the arresting officer gave the individual a breathalyzer and they failed, a lawyer could try to fight it. The lawyer could argue that the individual just used an alcohol based mouthwash before blowing into the breathalyzer. They could also argue that the device was not properly calibrated when the officer performed the test.

Challenge the Field Sobriety Test

If the individual is pulled over and they are given a field sobriety test and fail, their lawyer can try to fight the results. They can say that the road was not level, which made it difficult for the individual to walk. They can also blame it on the driver’s shoes. The lawyer could also argue that the individual has an injury which made it difficult for them to perform the test properly.

Challenge the Traffic Stop

Lawyers who represent clients in drunk driving cases know a great deal about traffic law. If the lawyer were able to prove that the driver was pulled over with no just cause, the judge would have no choice but to dismiss the traffic offense and the drunk driving charge.

Challenge the Suspicion That the Driver Was Drunk

When a police officer arrests an individual for drunk driving, they would need to fill out a report, which includes the driver’s condition. This information can be challenged. Slurred speech and red eyes can be blamed on a medical condition or a bad reaction to medication. The presence of alcohol on the individual’s breath can be blamed on mouthwash.

If a person is arrested for drunk driving, they should hire a DWI lawyer in Cambridge, MD. For more information, contact Marc A. Zeve PA Attorney At Law.

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