A Birth Injury Lawyer in Bedford Represents Clients Whose Child Has Experienced Brain Damage

A Birth Injury Lawyer in Bedford helps clients who are going through the trauma of their baby being hurt during labor or delivery. New parents are heartbroken when they discover their little one experienced any sort of brain damage because the medical staff made mistakes. The child may have permanent mental or physical disabilities as a result.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is one of the more common results of brain damage occurring during the birth process. Some children have relatively minor problems associated with CP, such as limb spasticity in one arm or slow, halting speech. Their intelligence level may still be normal and even high.

However, other youngsters and their families deal with more serious consequences. The child may or may not be mentally challenged, but may have a significant level of physical disability. At the more extreme level, a child with CP may not be able to walk and may only be able to speak by using a computer. Families in these situations need assistance from an organization such as The Koch Law Firm so they can obtain the compensation they deserve. Learn more about us online.

Justice and Compensation

The parents understandably want justice to be done. They also may be in desperate need of financial assistance, now and for the long haul. Children who suffered brain damage during the birth process may need extensive physical treatment and therapy. Physical and occupational therapy may be essential for the youngster’s development. Adaptive equipment may be necessary. Compensation for the parents’ emotional trauma also may be requested by a Birth Injury Lawyer in Bedford in a lawsuit.

Settling or Suing

Some malpractices cases are settled out of court, but birth injury cases often are brought to trial because the circumstances are so troubling. Attorneys know that juries are likely to be sympathetic to the young child and the parents. If there is enough evidence to support the complaint that the facility was negligent in its actions, a lawyer has a case to bring before a judge. The facility’s or medical practitioner’s malpractice insurer may offer a hefty settlement to avoid going to court.

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