A Criminal Law Lawyer in Kutztown PA Wants You to Understand PA’s Stance on Criminal Law

It is an awful feeling of dread that takes over you when you get into trouble with the law and don’t know what to do. When you are plagued by such, you want to know that someone is in your corner to help you fight your legal woes. If you are in Pennsylvania, the Paul S Missan, a Criminal Law Lawyer in Kutztown, PA wants to help you in your criminal law situation. It doesn’t matter whether you have theft charges or white collar embezzlement. It doesn’t make a difference if you are facing juvenile delinquency charges or serious adult crimes. Even if you are facing violent crime charges or are drug or sex offender, our lawyers will help you fight the charges. Paul S Missan wants you to understand criminal law in PA.

In Pennsylvania, a criminal case follows procedures pretty much like most other states or Commonwealths. There are some slight variations. You are arrested in PA when a police officer believes a crime has been committed or is about to, and you are placed into custody. You are read or should be read your Miranda rights (the right to remain silent) and then you are booked where they will create a profile on you. By the time your particular case reaches trial stage, you have the right to request a jury trial. You should be brought to trial no later than 180 days in Pennsylvania. Cases where no homicide has been committed, but are still a felony have the six month period to be tried, while misdemeanors must be tried within 90 days.

The Paul S Missan of Kutztown, PA will ease your confusion about the legal process in PA. For over two decades, they have been known to provide hard work and compassionate representation for clients in Kutztown, PA. The areas of law they practice are divorce and family law such as with custody, alimony and adoption, litigation such as leads to personal injury, DUI and traffic law, and of course criminal law. When you need a Criminal Law Lawyer in Kutztown PA or the surrounding areas, call upon Paul S Missan by visiting the location or on the website


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