Advantages of Hiring an Experienced Lawyer for Issues Involving Child Custody during a Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a very emotional time for a person. Even if they are in favor of the divorce or started the proceedings, most people still feel a sense of loss as one part of their life closes. During this time, it can often be difficult for a person to really make sound decisions about their life and the future for themselves and their children. Unfortunately, they generally will need to make a variety of very important decisions. This makes it important for a person in this situation to hire an experienced family lawyer, like Matkoff, Shengold, Burke, London, Blyweiss and Arbittier, PC to help them through the issues to be handled.

When a person is in the process of divorce, they will often find one of the most difficult areas to reach an agreement on with their soon to be ex-spouse is matters involving the children. Frequently deciding who will have physical custody of the child, visitation rights and other issues pertaining to how the child or children will be raised can be a very difficult area for the couple to reach an amicable decision on.

In these types of situations, the discussions between the couple may become very emotional and/or heated. While the attorneys on both sides will try to help their clients stay calm, often there is too many emotional issues between the couple for this to happen. Often a couple may be able to put aside their differences on many issues, but when it comes to their children, they will not budge.

If this is the case, an experienced lawyer, like Matkoff, Shengold, Burke, London, Blyweiss and Arbittier, PC will generally try to work with the opposing counsel to try to negotiate a compromise between the couple without the need for them to meet face-to-face. In some cases, this can be very successful. However, if the couple still cannot agree to a compromise, the couple may need to see a mediator.

When a couple goes to mediation, either on their own or court ordered, they will meet with a neutral third party who will try to help them work out an arrangement. The couple’s attorneys can also attend the hearing if desired. During this process, the mediator will try to keep the couple focused on what is best for the child instead of their own needs. In many cases, this can be a successful option. Connect with us on Facebook!

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