Are You Going Through a Divorce in Paragould?

Divorce is an ugly word that no one wants to face. When you have done all you can to resolve issues in your marriage and are still finding it difficult to stay together, you may need a Divorce Paragould. Though most people do not consider they will ever divorce, it is more common than most people believe. If you are dealing with the end of your marriage, allow this information to help you in understanding the steps you need to take.

     *      The first step in any divorce is filing. Filing a petition in court requires you decide on a reason for ending your marriage. All states require grounds to be recorded. There are two types of grounds. Fault grounds must be backed up with evidence while no-fault reasons do not require proof.

     *      Once a petition has been filed, the paperwork must be given to the other party in the marriage. If you have a lawyer working on your behalf, he or she will handle this task and make sure your spouse is summoned to court.

     *      Your spouse has a certain time period to respond to the petition for divorce. This will lead to either an uncontested or contested divorce. Contested divorces can arise when both parties cannot agree on the grounds, custody, support or property splits. Contested divorces often take longer to settle than uncontested.

     *      Your lawyer may work with your spouse’s lawyer and schedule mediation meetings. These meetings help to open the lines of communication between both parties so the issues of the divorce may be able to be settled without court intervention. In the event any issues go unsettled, the case will go before a judge. Click here for more details.

     *      It will be up to the judge to issue a divorce decree and settle any issues, such as custody and support. With family judges now being responsible for all aspects of a divorce, this has made the process much easier for families to go through.

If you are facing Divorce Paragould, visit There is no reason for you to go through your divorce alone when there is legal help to be found. Call today and schedule your consultation appointment so you can learn more.



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