How Can A Lawyer Help You Get Social Security Disability Benefits?

Filing for Social Security disability benefits can be a very tedious exercise, especially for someone who is either physically or mentally disabled. The application process demands a great deal of substantiating paperwork that will prove beyond doubt that you have a disability that qualifies per Social Security definitions. As a disabled person the amount of work may be overwhelming or perhaps you actually did apply independently only to have your application denied, if either of these examples apply to you then you are well advised to hire a Social Security lawyer in Orlando to help you through the process. As the lawyer will rely to a great extent on your for supporting information there is nothing wrong with getting a jump on the process; the SSA will expect you to provide them with a list of all the medications you have taken, those that you are currently taking, a detailed list of all medical personnel and facilities that you have dealt with and the results of any physical or psychiatric tests you have taken.

What are the benefits of having a lawyer?

Many applicants for disability benefits will wait until they have been denied benefits before they hire a Social Security lawyer in Orlando; with about 75 percent of first-time applications being denied out of hand, having a lawyer prior to making the application is wise. A lawyer who deals with Social Security on an ongoing basis knows exactly what the SSA want and how they want it presented. One of the most common reasons for denial of benefits is the simple omission of a list of the medications they are on as well as not making a full and clear articulation of their disability. When you have a lawyer you do not have to be worried about what appear to be inconsequential omissions, the lawyer will go through the process with you, explaining all the reasons for needing all this additional information and how it can influence your application.

Even with a lawyer there is no guarantee that the application will be successful, if benefits are denied your Social Security lawyer in Orlando will immediately file for an appeal of the decision. As the lawyer is already intimate with the claim that was made there will be no time lost in requesting reconsideration or hearing and if these attempts fail, the lawyer will appeal in Federal Court.

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