Bail bonds: Innocent until Proven Guilty

by | Apr 27, 2013 | Bail Bonds Service

Innocent until proven guilty is one of the fundamental precepts of the western legal and political system. One of the best examples of this is bail bonds. Whether they’re bail bonds issues for capital crimes in big east coast cities, or bail bonds offered for drunk and disorderly conduct in Reno, NV by the Washoe County. The point is that what a bail bond inherent suggests is that it’s safe to let the person out into public because they’re not an immediate threat to society at large. Washoe County bail bonds help that person who got arrested act like an innocent person, which is an important part of defending themselves against the allegations in both the Reno, NV court house and in the public sphere.

The inherent principle encased in the Washoe County bail bonds Reno, NV is that someone is to be treated as an innocent person by the legal system until their guilt can be proven. This means that rights are to be afforded unto them, and that they can re-enter the public sphere. It also means that the prosecution must establish guilt, not that the defense must prove innocence. This is very important as innocence is much harder to prove. It’s the reason why it’s because it’s hard to prove a negative, or the lack of something. You can show proof that someone did do something; there can be physical clues and evidence at the scene. However proof that someone didn’t do something is almost always going to be debatable because you simply have to state another possible way they committed the crime. By putting the onus on the prosecution they have to focus their attack and bring the evidence forward.

Bail bonds are an important part of the legal process because they help treat the accused as an innocent person. The execution of this process is not perfect of course, but the intent behind it is important. The police force is made up of people, and these people have pressures on them that lessen the quality of work they do. Think of a Reno, NV police officer who’s graded by his or her superiors largely on the number of arrests he or she make, they have a strong incentive to find the first likely person and arrest them. This means that people who are innocent, and will not be proven guilty in court could spend months in jail waiting for trial. For those people who are arrested by an over-worked cop the Washoe County bail bonds Reno, NV are a life saver and take a bad situation and prevent it from becoming a terrible one.

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