Bankruptcy Lawyer in Lutz can Help You Save Your Home

If you are facing foreclosure, a bankruptcy lawyer in Lutz might be able to help save your home.

Many people are not aware of the power of the automatic stay that is triggered when you file bankruptcy. They lose their homes unnecessarily, whereas if they knew the power of bankruptcy, they could put an immediate stop to foreclosure.

The Banks

Banks have the ability to work with you to help you catch up missed payments, but unfortunately, they rarely do. Instead, they file foreclosure paperwork and start the process of taking your home from you.

Banks have the benefit of full-time lawyers on staff who are focused on doing what is best for the bank. You deserve the same – a lawyer on your side who is focused on doing what is best for you!

A bankruptcy attorney knows what it takes to save your home from foreclosure.

The Process

When you meet with a lawyer be sure mention the pending foreclosure. The sooner they act to stop the process the better.

The moment your bankruptcy petition is filed by a bankruptcy lawyer in Lutz, the bank is forbidden from taking any further action. That means whether the bank is deep into the foreclosure process or you are still in the early stages, the bank must stop the proceeding. It is that easy to stop a foreclosure.

Can You Keep Your Home?

In most cases you can keep your home and get the time you need to catch up payments.

Bankruptcy law is there to protect consumers and it can be the answer you have been searching for. The Law Offices of Robert M Geller can help to save your home from foreclosure using the bankruptcy laws to protect you. Do not give up – there is a solution waiting for you that will let you and your family stay in your home.

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