California Lemon Law Attorney: Defining “New Vehicle” Under The Law

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Like other states, California has a Lemon Law. Upon meeting certain criteria, a vehicle owner can request from the car dealership either a complete refund or a replacement vehicle. However, numerous restrictions apply. These include the type of warranty covering the vehicle, the interpretation of “defect” by the manufacturer, and the number of “reasonable” attempts to repair. Arguably, it requires a California lemon law attorney to help a consumer wade through the applicable material to learn whether or not s/he qualifies.

What Is a New Vehicle?

The term “new” does not refer to the vehicle’s age? It may be used and still be covered. It can also be a demonstrator model or owned by the dealer. However, it must fall under the new warranty of its manufacturer. Moreover, this does not include an extended warranty.

To be classified as new under California’s lemon law, a vehicle must conform to the following criteria:

Usage: The principal use of the vehicle is for personal, family and household applications and not for business purposes except as listed below

Weight: The vehicle must not weigh more than 10,000 pounds when used for business purposes.

Number: If the business vehicle falls into the proper weight category and is under manufacturer’s warranty, it may comply but only if the owner operates no more than 5 registered vehicles in California.

Type: Unlike some states, a California lemon law attorney can tell you, this one actually includes components of a motorhome e.g., chassis, chassis cab, and drivetrain –as long as it is not designed for human habitation. Cars, vans, SUVs, pickup trucks and cars are as to be expected, also covered.

Consult a California Lemon Law Attorney

If you are wondering whether your vehicle is covered by California’s lemon law, visit the government site. Read more about qualifications and restriction on the internet. After providing yourself with the basics, consult a reputable California lemon law attorney.

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In California, a Lemon Law Attorney must be prepared to provide the experience and expertise their client requires when dealing with the specifics governing that state’s precise lemon laws. They must be aware of all aspects. For more information on how to find a lawyer knowledgeable in this area, contact us

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