Causes Of Wrongful Death

Wrongful death in Auburn may result in a close family member or friend filing a lawsuit on behalf of the person who died in order to provide monetary compensation to beneficiaries who are left behind. These lawsuits may be filed only by executor a deceased estate and are filed in response to a form of negligence and other actions of a third party. Some of the things that may cause wrongful death in Auburn include defective drugs, defective products, and exposure to poisons, malpractice, and injuries from other accidents.

Defective Drugs

Defective drugs produced and sold to the consumer may be a cause of wrongful death in Auburn. Companies may decide not to notify physicians, consumers, and the FDA about defective drugs currently on the market; they may hide the side effects in the hopes of getting the product on the market more quickly. Whether or not the company has the approval of the FDA, the pharmaceutical company is liable for any effects of their drugs that result in wrongful death.

Defective Products

Defective products may also result in a wrongful death Auburn; products from car tires to all sorts of medical devices may be causes of wrongful death and liability may be on the manufacturer. Manufacturers must provide safe products to all consumers in the market; if the manufacturer fails in upholding this responsibility, they must provide a system of removing all of the defective products so that no other consumers are able to purchase the product. This method may prevent other consumers from experiencing wrongful death, but it is useless in preventing wrongful deaths in those who have already purchased the product.

Exposure to Poisons

Exposure to various poisons may also result in wrongful death; those who work in areas with high chemicals are most at risk for developing serious medical problems such as blindness, cancer, and hearing loss. Often those who are affected by exposure to poison do not realize the problem until it is too late.


Most doctors and hospitals make it their duty to provide the best quality of patient care; even so, many cases of medical malpractice occur every year. These cases may simply result in an injury, which can easily be fixed; in extreme circumstances, the patient may die due the medical malpractice.

Injuries From Accidents

Automotive accidents caused by defective vehicles may also be the cause of wrongful death in many areas. If the wrongful death occurred due to a faulty piece of equipment in the vehicle, such as the breaks went out, then the claim may be filed with the manufacturer. If wrongful death occurs due to the other party’s negligent driving, there is the option for a wrongful death lawsuit against the person.

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