Child Custody Divorce Lawyer in Long Island Area

by | Apr 26, 2013 | Divorce Attorney

Child Custody can be a very emotional and trying situation for all parties involved including the children. Finding a good child custody Divorce Lawyer in Long Island will be easier with a little information to help you make your final choice. In a child custody case there are many options concerning the custody and also the visitation rights.

There are terms and definitions that should be known when considering child custody. Legal custody is when an individual can make the decisions for the child. The types of decisions here would be what school the child will attend, religious upbringing, and minor medical decisions. Sole legal custody is when a parent who has the sole custody is the only person who can legally make decisions for the child. Joint legal custody is when both parents can legally make major decisions for the child.

Physical custody is the place where the children spend most of their time. For instance, they stay with their mother most of the time so this is their residential, physical custody place. Sole physical custody is when the child physically lives at one location. This is the location where they go to school, catch the bus etc. Joint physical custody is when both parents take turns with the child. The child may live with one parent part of the year and the other parent the other part of the year. The division of this type of custody is normally equal.

The two most common visitation options for the parent who doesn’t have sole or physical custody would be unsupervised visitations or supervised visitations. Unsupervised visitations are just that. The parent can have the child at his own residence and spend time with the child unsupervised. They can go on outings and trips to the zoo. Supervised visitations are when the visiting parent has to have another adult present while with the child. This could be a grandparent. Sometimes supervised visitations can take place in a public setting or at a previously discussed meeting place.

There are many factors involved concerning the custody of a child. It is important to retain an experienced, reputable child custody lawyer who is familiar with the laws who can act in the best interest of the child.

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