Contact a Paternity Attorney in Jefferson County MO if You Think You Have Fathered a Child

When babies are born to unmarried mothers, the father must take additional steps to get paternity rights. In order to get authorized for parenting time and possibly get custody of a child, a man may have to prove he is the father. If the mother is uncooperative in the process, the courts may need to get involved. Before filing a petition with the court, any man in this situation should first speak with a Paternity Attorney in Jefferson County MO.

While establishing paternity can allow a father the right to take part in raising his child, it also means that he will be financially responsible for the child’s care. After paternity is established through acknowledgment or DNA testing, the court might establish a child support order. Child support and parenting time are very separate issues. A Paternity Attorney in Jefferson County MO may be able to help a father understand how providing financial support is important to ensure the child has all of their basic needs.

The best lawyer for this kind of action is one who focuses on family law. This type of lawyer is more likely to understand the laws and precedents regarding paternity and be able to explain them to a client. It’s important for a father to be absolutely sure of paternity before signing a document acknowledging he is the father of a child. Courts are not likely to reverse the decision at a later date. Affordable DNA testing is available through the court to help a man prove whether he is or is not the biological parent.

Potential fathers who need more information about how to get their name listed on their child’s birth certificate and get parenting time ordered by the court can learn more if they visit the website. Paternity cases can be initiated when the child is very young. The earlier a father establishes his rights, the less of an impact the case is likely to have on his child. With paternity established, a father can begin taking an active role in his child’s life and may even file for custody of the child.

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