Understanding the Conditions for Bail in Charlotte North Carolina

Being arrested is something that strikes fear in the hearts of many people. For those who have never had the experience in the past, it helps to understand that being granted Bail in Charlotte North Carolina is often a possibility. Here are a few basics that should be kept in mind.

The Court Sets the Bail Amount

Shortly after the arrest, the accused will have the chance to appear before a judge. During this hearing, the judge will determine if there is enough evidence to all the arrest to stand, and if a court date should be set. With the latter, the judge will also set a bail amount if there is no evidence that the accused will attempt to flee the area, and that the offense meets the current criteria for allowing Bail in Charlotte North Carolina.

Getting Help from a Bonding Professional

Along with obtaining legal counsel, it also helps to contact a local bail bonding professional who can arrange to be at that hearing. Once the judge sets the Bail in Charlotte North Carolina, the professional can pledge the amount to the court. In exchange for arranging the bail, the accused will pay the professional a specified fee. Once the bail is posted, the accused will be released and free to prepare for the upcoming court date.

The Responsibilities of the Client

Since the bonding company has made a commitment to the court, part of the conditions for the bail is that the accused will return to the court on the day of the hearing. Failure to appear will mean the bail is revoked and the judge will order the accused to be arrested. In the interim, the bonding agent will seek to find the client and escort the individual back to the jail.

Keep in mind that once the accused does who up for the court date, the commitment between the client and the bonding company is considered complete. From that point forward, the focus is on pleading the case in front of a judge and possibly a jury.

For anyone who finds themselves behind bars, call Chad Lewis Bail Bonding at once. They will be on hand when the bail is set and make arrangements to have the client released. From there, it will be much easier to carry on with day to day activities while working with an attorney to prepare a defense.

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