Criminal Defense Attorneys in Belvidere, IL Are Essential In Defending The Accused

People accused of committing a crime have the right to remain silent, and they should, and they have the right to be represented by an attorney. Criminal Defense Attorneys in Belvidere, IL who are experienced in criminal law and criminal trials are essential to have working for the accused and as soon as possible.

An experienced attorney will understand the charges and their implications. He can explain these in detail to help the accused understand what they are facing. Often, the accused can provide answers to the questions a criminal defense attorney will need to ask. The answers will help the attorney put the case into the perspective that the prosecutor is looking at Crosby Law Firm. Your criminal attorney will likely be experienced in both sides of the matter; he will understand the prosecutor’s issues and he will also understand the issues of the law enforcement officer who made the arrest.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Belvidere, IL will also know the rules of the criminal court and the rules about what evidence is admissible. Often, the prosecutor fails to have enough solid evidence to go to trial when you are represented by competent counsel. If you had no representation, you would not know what evidence is inadmissible. This is a key factor in the criminal attorney’s work.

There are cases where the prosecutor fails to produce evidence that would clear the accused, and only the criminal lawyer would be likely to know this. The prosecutor will have questioned witnesses and prepared them for trial, but your lawyer may turn their testimony the other way if he finds any evidence of abuse of justice.

If you have been charged with a DWI, then you need aggressive representation of the criminal defense attorneys who can find errors in the collection and processing of evidence. A DWI charge can adversely affect the rest of your life. Your attorney may find that the evidence was mishandled and get the charge dropped, or he may get it reduced to a far lesser charge. Again, knowing the court system and the prosecutor will help tremendously. If an attorney does not know the rules of the criminal court, then he and the accused are lost. Visit the Crosby Law Firm website today!

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