Understanding the Truths Given from Your Criminal Attorney in Mattoon

If you’ve been charged with a crime, especially one that you didn’t commit, you might be wondering what your future holds. After all of the paperwork has been processed and you have learned more about your charges, what you should do is to contact an attorney who works with criminal cases so that you can get the assistance that you need.

Plea Deals

When you meet with your attorney, the first thing that should be discussed is a plea deal if there is enough evidence against you that could result in a guilty verdict. Most criminal law attorneys in Mattoon, IL can consult with prosecutors to arrange a plea deal even before you go to court. When you go to court, the only thing that you’ll need to do is agree to the details.


If it appears as though you’ll be found guilty, your attorney should discuss the various sentence options that the court could deliver. Your attorney should be able to negotiate the best sentence that fits the crime and your criminal background. Sometimes, your attorney might be able to get your sentence decreased if you agree to take classes or enter a rehab facility that can help with any drug or alcohol addiction that you might have.

Real Details

Although you want to establish a positive relationship with criminal law attorneys in Mattoon, IL, you’re likely going to get a dose of reality as you continue working with your attorney. You’ll usually receive information about what to expect in the future if you happen to be charged with the same crime again.

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