Dealing with a Petition for Emancipation in Washington Indiana

When minor children wish to assume responsibility for managing their own financial and other affairs, it is necessary to receive an order from the court known as emancipation. This essentially means that the child will now be recognized as an adult and have all the rights and responsibilities that go with the new status. When seeking Emancipation in Washington Indiana, it pays to engage the services of an attorney who understands all the details that must be addressed.

Grounds for Seeking Emancipation

Before any type of petition for Emancipation in Washington Indiana can be presented to the court, the legal counsel will want to determine if there are grounds for seeking legal freedom from the parents. For example, the minor child in question may already be earning a significant income and have reason to believe the money is not being managed responsibly. When this is the case, securing emancipation would allow the individual to secure financial managers who would take care of the money properly.

Demonstrating Ability to the Court

In order for the action to be successful, there must be more than grounds for seeking emancipation. After all, misconduct on the part of the parents could also be grounds for placing the well-being of the child in the hands of a guardian. To this end, the legal counsel will present evidence to the court that the child seeking emancipation possesses the skills and the maturity level to assume the responsibilities of an adult. This can be demonstrated based on the past conduct of the client, the level of education and experience in managing money and other important matters, and any other criteria that the court currently recognizes as essential.

For those who believe they have solid grounds for seeking emancipation, Visit a website and arrange a consultation with a lawyer. After reviewing all the circumstances surrounding the case, it will be much easier to determine if there are grounds for this action. Assuming the evidence does indicate the minor is capable of assuming the responsibilities of an adult, the lawyer will prepare the paperwork necessary, submit it to the court, and be prepared to plead the case of the client before a judge.

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