Debt Relief in Midlothian VA To Protect Assets

by | May 2, 2013 | Attorney

Debt is one of those things you can find yourself in easily. There are many ways debt happens including overspending, using credit cards to survive and always paying the minimum. Many times people do not even realize their debt is snowballing until it is too late. They find themselves stressed, owing a large amount of money, and without the funds to repay their debts. That is where Debt relief Midlothian VA comes in.

Some of the questions people have are if it is time to file for bankruptcy? Are there any other options? If bankruptcy is the answer, which types? Can things like homes, cars, and personal items be taken away? These questions, and the many more people come up with can be quickly answered by a professional. Debt causes a lot of worry, and the law clearly states what debtors can and cannot do, as well as what property is protected. A lawyer can help people in Midlothian who are having problems with their debt in numerous ways. If a person is getting constant phone calls for creditors, they can help get those stopped. They can help when a person is threatened with home foreclosure, and even wage garnishment. Things like vehicle repossession can also be stopped. A professional will work with those owed to reduce the amount of outstanding debt, reduce penalties and interest, and possibly eliminate a large chunk of the debt completely.

Midlothian, VA, with the area zip code as 23113, has a medium household income of $159,993. Lawyers can help those making more than average income, those making less, and everyone in between. People are looked at as individuals, and two financial cases aren’t treated the same. Things like chapter 7, called the straight bankruptcy; chapter 13, known as the reorganization bankruptcy; and repayment plans are taken into consideration. With any of those options, credit counseling and budgeting classes will be required.

Factors the lawyer will taken into consideration is the person’s ability to repay their debt and their current job. These service are not free, but end up paying for themselves in the long run when debt is reduced and the person is able to keep their home and vehicle.

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