Employers Are Required to Protect Employees from Sexual Harassment

According to the law, employers have a responsibility to protect their employees from unwanted sexual advances, comments, and comments. If an employer learns that such harassment is occurring and does nothing to stop it, the employer can be held liable along with the one who was doing the harassing. Unfortunately, not all employers take this responsibility as seriously as they should and it is often necessary to retain the services of a sexual harassment lawyer in the Worcester, MA, area if you have been the victim of sexual harassment. Your sexual harassment lawyer will help to make sure that you have the opportunity to pursue whatever compensation you may be due as a result of the harassment and the lack of protection provided by your employer.

An example of the ways in which employers may fail to adequately protect employees can be seen in the case of a paramedic who has filed a lawsuit against a co-worker that she alleges sexually harassed her. She has also filed suit against the city because she claims that her complaints to human resources regarding the alleged sexual harassment were ignored and then cause her to be passed over for a promotion twice, each time in favor of a male employee who did not meet the minimum requirements for the job. According to her lawyer, the paramedic is seeking damages for battery, emotional distress, and negligent supervision.

Sadly, the paramedic’s ordeal is all too common in workplaces across the Worcester, MA, area. Potential employees are often made to feel as though they must give in to unwanted advances in order to be hired and current employees often put up with intolerable work conditions involving sexual harassment because they fear losing their jobs. In many cases, management turns a blind eye to any complaints that may be lodged or, even more scandalous, management is involved in the harassment. If you have experienced sexual harassment on the job and your employer has not done anything to stop or prevent it, your may be eligible for financial remuneration.

When you schedule a consultation with your sexual harassment lawyer in Worcester, MA, your lawyer will thoroughly review your case to determine the extent to which you may be due compensation for the harassment you have endured. In addition, your lawyer will provide you with the legal counsel you need to help you decide whether or not to pursue litigation. If you choose to file a lawsuit against the employee who harassed you and/or the employer who allowed it to continue, your sexual harassment lawyer will supply you with the vigorous and aggressive representation you will need to ensure that your rights are upheld. Contact a sexual harassment lawyer for the help you need today.

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