Family Lawyer Long Island FAQs

by | Mar 15, 2013 | Lawyer

Q: What is a family lawyer?

A: Family Lawyer Long Island is anyone who handles family law, which usually involves child support owed, child custody and other issues that revolve around a family. Family lawyers do not usually dabble in divorce law, but you will often find both at one firm since they can collide at times.

Q: What if I’m owed child support?

A: Those owed child support can greatly benefit from a family lawyer Long Island. It is important to note that you will not automatically see all of the money owed simply because you hire a family lawyer. However, a family lawyer does have a generous amount of resources he or she can tap into when trying to get you the money you deserve.

Q: I want to obtain sole custody of my child; how do I do this?

A: Regardless of the original arrangements with your child’s parent, you will have to go to court to get sole custody. The other parent may fight this, which will require you to obtain a family lawyer to tell you your rights and what you can expect in this situation. Sole custody is a tricky area because obviously the opposite parent and sometimes their family, want to see the child. Most of the time, the courts will make every attempt to keep both parents in the child’s life, even if it’s a far lesser extent for one.

Q: What is child custody mediation?

A: Child custody mediation involves both parties going into a room with a mediator to discuss the terms of the child custody agreement. Whether this is the first time child custody agreements are being made or if you are renegotiating for changes, child custody mediation is a great stepping stone to get both parents on the same page and help them come to an amicable agreement. Most parents do not want to end up in a full-blown legal battle over the children and mediation is a great resource to help you both compromise and end up with an outcome that both parties feel comfortable with.

Your children will thank you for hiring a family lawyer in the long run. Keeping things civil and learning your rights are important for you as a parent. Take the time to find a family lawyer in your area who is experienced and will keep the children’s interest at heart when negotiating.

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