Five Reasons to Hire a Disability Lawyer

Most people pay into FICA accounts throughout their work careers, never expecting to collect any money until they turn 65 or older. But if you become disabled or get sick and can’t work before retirement age, you will need to file for disability. And you’ll also need to hire a disability lawyer to help you. Here’s why.

Assist With Initial Filing

The filing process for Social Security Disability Insurance is quite lengthy. And you must complete all the forms accurately or risk having your claim tossed out. That’s where a disability lawyer in Maryville can help you. One of her representatives will probably fill out the form as she takes your information over the phone.

Recommend Various Strategies

Based on your condition, your disability attorney may suggest that you get your doctor to fill out a form more germane to your medical condition. She may also contact your doctor to see if you qualify for disability under any of the pre-established conditions. If you do, your doctor can write a statement supporting this fact.

Coordinate Your Records

You’ll be filling out a lot of paperwork for disability insurance. Your disability lawyer from Maryville can help you organize the forms and ensure Social Security receives every document. She’ll do this by uploading every document you send to the Social Security database.

Courtroom Experience

Your disability attorney probably spends most of her time in court. She knows the legal procedures and can better help you prepare for your hearing. She can also counter any job recommendations the vocational expert makes during the hearing. She’ll do this by reemphasizing your inability to work in any situation.

Increase Chances of Winning

Your disability lawyer in Maryville can better help you win your case. She likely knows the judge who’s presiding at your hearing, and is familiar with how to answer his questions.

Miller & Drozdowski has extensive knowledge at all levels of the Social Security process, and they can help you win SSDI or SSI insurance.

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