Handling Seeing a Close Friend Arrested and Then Arranging for a Bail Bond in Troy, NY

A person watches in fear and confusion as a close friend is arrested by the police. The officer puts the individual in the car and drives away. Once bail has been set, the friend can contact a service that provides a bail bond in Troy, NY and starts the process of getting the defendant released.

Following Along to the Jail

If the officers are in a good mood, they can tell the friend left behind that they are bringing the arrested individual to the county jail. The friend may want to follow and see if bail will be determined quickly, which happens when the offense is listed on a bail schedule.

Staying Calm

The most important thing is not to panic or run from the scene if the person wants to help the friend. This is no help at all, and it also gives police reason to think the friend was involved in the crime too. Instead, talking calmly with the arresting officers can make a positive impression. This can even affect the way the arrested person is treated on the way to jail and immediately after arriving.

Fast Bail Bonding

If jail officials know that the accompanying friend plans to arrange for a bail bond in Troy, NY as soon as possible, they might not even process the arrested person into a cell. This is most likely if the offense is a nonviolent one with a low bail amount. Common examples include driving under the influence of alcohol or possession of a small amount of cocaine.

When Even Low Bail Is Unaffordable

Not everyone can afford even low bail amounts. A DUI might have a scheduled bail of $500, for example, but two 21-year-old college students may not have that much available. To prevent the driver from having to stay behind bars all weekend, the friend can contact an organization such as Bernardo-Goldstein & Quinn Agency for assistance. With a 10-percent service fee, the two young individuals now only need to come up with $50. Browse our website to learn more about this particular agency and its services.

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