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by | Aug 16, 2014 | Lawyer

Mediation can be used to settle many types of disputes, so a court case can be avoided. In this type of meeting, a third-party mediator oversees the meetings and makes sure everyone involved has the opportunity to speak and present information and evidence. Though a settlement is hoped for, it does not always occur. If any issues are not settled, a court case may be scheduled, so a judge or jury can hear the details of the case and make a final ruling. Through a Mediation Attorney in Brainerd MN, you can solve issues and disputes without going through the court process.

Mediation may take place in one meeting or a series of meetings. The length of time this process will take will depend on the willingness of both parties to work together. It will also depend on how committed all parties are in trying to reach a solution. The mediator will conduct each of the meetings and provide an environment that fosters communication. The vast majority of cases are settled within four to twelve hours, depending on the details surrounding the dispute.

In many cases, court is able to be avoided through mediation. This process can be used to settle divorces, custody agreements, spousal and child support agreements and asset splits. Mediation can also be used to settle other types of cases, including auto accident and other personal injury cases. Through a Mediation Attorney in Brainerd MN, a settlement can be reached, by sharing information from both parties and discussing the dispute thoroughly.

When all of the details of the dispute have been agreed on by all parties, the attorney will draw up a legal agreement for everyone to sign. This agreement is binding, just as it would be when decided on by a judge. If at any time the agreement is not followed or changes need to be made, a court case may be scheduled.

For further information on the mediation process, contact Borden Steinbauer Krueger and Knudson P.A. They will be glad to see you through the mediation process, so you can reach a settlement without going through a long court case.



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