Get Out Of Jail Using A Reliable Bonding Company

by | Jul 23, 2015 | Lawyers

Getting out of jail on an O.R. bond is close to a get out of jail free card. An O.R. bond refers to a prisoner getting out of jail on their own recognizance. Judges allow certain people to sign their own bond if they have strong ties to the area and no criminal record. However, very few people get this privilege. Normally, most crimes have pre-set bonds that are determined by judges in the jurisdiction. Many serious felonies do not have a bond and a lawyer must file a Petition for Bond with the Court.

Individuals have to go through Bail Bonding Companies in Clayton County to arrange a bond. Visit us website and learn about their locations in metro Atlanta. First and foremost, a bonding company is a business and they want to make money. Individuals pay the bail bondsman a fee and the bondsman secures the bond with the government. The fee is usually based on a percentage of the bond amount. In many instances, the fee is ten percent. However, the fee can go up if the bail amount is over $10,000. Doing business with a bondsman is essentially making a contract with them that they will get you out of jail. In return, the defendant must show up in court.

There are other ways to make bail. For instance, individuals use the property to pay the bond. The property must contain enough equity to meet the bail amount. In addition, people can lose the property if the defendant flees and does not show up for court. Bail Bonding Companies in Clayton County are authorized to arrest people who fail to show up in court. Bonding companies employ bounty hunters to find the person and bring them back to the jurisdiction. Bounty hunters get paid a percentage of the bond to do their job. Some states require bounty hunters to register with the state and provide character references. Further, bounty hunters are not employed who have criminal records. Getting out of jail pending trial is the right of all Americans. That is why the constitution protects defendants from having excessive bails set.

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