Getting a Family Attorney in Frederick, Maryland When Family Is About to Break Up

No one’s family is perfect and issues will sometimes arise that can’t be successfully handled by the family members. When that happens, the family members can get aid from a lawyer who specializes in family law, who should be able to help the family resolve any conflicts. A family attorney in Frederick, Maryland understands these problems that exist with family members and wants to help them take care of the issues. Here is a look at the many conflicts and situations that family attorneys will handle.

A Service That Family Attorneys Provide

The most common issues that family attorneys address are those involving the break down of marriage. When a couple is seeking a legal separation or a divorce, the family attorney may be able to offer mediating services or conflict resolution sessions to help the couple avoid the finality of divorce. Usually, a couple is advised to take some kind of classes to see if there can be some agreement in the relationship that will keep it from escalating to an actual separation, or worst-case scenario, a divorce.

More Services Provided by Family Attorneys

In addition to divorces, family lawyers also help families prove a father’s relationship with his child with a paternity test. The family lawyer also assists with matters of adoption, child support issues, and other issues of child custody (such as rewarding the rights of custody to a grandparent or another close relative). A family lawyer may also be depended upon for a prenuptial agreement desired by a couple before marriage, and annulments, which may legally end a marriage before consummation has taken place.

A Family Attorney in Maryland

For any family issues, such as divorces, adoptions, child custody, or child support, people can find many attorneys who practice family law in Maryland. Russell & Heffner, LLC is a law firm in the Frederick, Maryland area that practices family law for those in the area. Anyone in need of a family attorney in Frederick, Maryland can contact this law firm. More information can be found by visiting the website at and browsing to where directed to “click here.”

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