How a Defendant Can Make It Hard for Their Criminal Defense Attorney in Santa Clarita, CA to Defend Them

There are ways in which a person can make it extremely difficult for a criminal defense attorney in Santa Clarita, CA to get the best results in their case. Sometimes, a defendant doesn’t even know they are sabotaging their case. That’s why it’s best for a defendant to have great communication with their attorney.

Social Media

It’s true that just about any criminal defense attorney in Santa Clarita, CA knows how much easier social media has made it catch people that commit crimes. There are people who commit robberies or burglaries and show their loot on social media. It becomes hard to defend a person who posts evidence of a crime on social media.

Talking About the Case

Another problem that can happen is that a defendant goes online and starts talking about their criminal case. If the case is getting attention from the news, a defendant might even give interviews. Their lawyer might not find out about the interview until it airs. It’s never good for a defendant to have their lawyer blindsided by something they have done.

Mistaking Police for Lawyers

One of the biggest mistakes a person who is under arrest can make is thinking that a police officer can help them as a lawyer can. That leads to an individual giving police information they just shouldn’t relay to law enforcement. A person can unknowingly provide the information that leads to them being charged with a crime. That’s why lawyers recommend that people under arrest ask for an attorney as soon as possible.

Not Being Honest

A defendant is making a huge mistake if they aren’t honest or withhold important details from their lawyer. Unfortunately, some defendants don’t trust their lawyers and feel like their attorneys will give the police information about anything that they say. Once a client hires a lawyer, that lawyer works for them and won’t reveal what they discuss. Visit us to get legal help.

Anyone who has been charged with a crime has to listen to their lawyer and avoid doing anything that could jeopardize their case and lead to time behind bars.

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