Hiring A Citizenship Lawyer In Columbus, OH To Become A Citizen

A Citizenship Lawyer in Columbus, OH advocates for the rights of immigrants who wish to become legal citizens. A lawyer in this field provides immigrants with tools such as visas to enable them to work, attend college, and to set up residency within the country. These lawyers comprehend the required procedures that are followed to establish residency and to acquire a green card.

Becoming a Citizen

The process required for becoming an American citizen stipulates that you are required to establish residency in the country for a predetermined number of years. In order to remain within the country you must additionally maintain a valid visa. To initially apply for a visa you may be required to visa the U.S. Embassy located within your resident country. You are also required to state your reason for wishing to enter the country within these documents.

Reporting Changes

Failure to report changes such as acquiring employment with a different company, changing schools, or moving to a new residence can result in immediate deportation. If you fail to report these changes, it could render your visa invalid and prevent you from acquiring a new visa. If your visa is terminated due to this failure, you should contact a citizenship or immigration attorney to avoid deportation.

The Bell Law Office

The Bell Law Office is available to all immigrants who wish to establish residency and become legal American citizens. This attorney additionally provides legal counsel for anyone who faces deportation and wishes to acquire a new visa based upon the requirements of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. If you wish to become a citizen, you should contact this attorney to schedule an appointment and establish your rights.


By hiring a Citizenship Lawyer in Columbus, OH, you provide yourself with a chance to become a legal citizen of the United States. Your preferred attorney can instruct you in methods needed to file proper documentation that will allow you to remain within the country during this process. He or she will devise a strategy to assist you in bringing family members into the country if you have a family.


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