Injured at Work? Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Riverhead, NY

Employees who are hurt doing their job are entitled to workers compensation to pay for their medical care and lost wages. All employers are required to have a workers compensation insurance policy. When a worker is injured, they file a claim. It is paid when the employer certifies that the injury was incurred on the job. While this sounds like a very straight forward process, it can become very complicated and frustrating. Often workers have to hire a Workers Compensation in Riverhead, NY lawyer to help guide them through the process.

It’s obvious when a meat cutter slices their finger with a knife and needs medical care. Very few employers or their insurance carrier would deny that claim. However, some injuries and work related diseases develop over time. Employers may claim that their work did not cause these injuries or illnesses and therefore they are not entitled to workers compensation. There are also strict deadlines that have to be met when it comes to filing a claim. Insurance companies may dispute that the claim was fled during the required time period. Injured workers also have go use certain doctors that have been selected by their employer. A list must be displayed in a public area of the office. However, many workers never notice it. If they go to a doctor that is not on the list, this also could jeopardize their claim.

Once the worker hires a Workers Compensation in Riverhead, NY attorney he will make sure that they follow the proper procedure. A severely injured person who might also be in pain can have a very difficult time navigating the system. Their attorney from Gilbert, Blaszcyk & Milburn, LLP will help guide them through it. They will know how to fill out and file all of the paperwork. They will know how to meet all of the deadlines. Then when the insurance company claims that it isn’t a work-related illness, they’ll know how to fight that as well. The insurance adjuster won’t be able to intimidate the injured person. If the illness is so severe that the person will never be able to return to work, their lawyer will fight for them to receive benefits throughout their life.



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