Hiring a Law Advertising Agency for Veterans Disability Commercials

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Lawyers

When your law firm specializes in disability, it is important to create a comprehensive marketing plan that reaches out to your potential clients where they are. Veterans represent a specific segment of your audience and can be particularly vulnerable to the challenges of the legal system. If part of your advertising plan includes television commercials, it may be in your best interest to hire a law advertising agency.

Why Advertise with TV Commercials

Many law firms believe that including commercials in their marketing plan is unnecessary. Broadcast television still reaches more potential contingency fee law firm clients than any other form of advertising; however to reach disabled veterans, a mix of broadcast and cable TV advertising is best. There are many cable TV stations that reach disabled veterans. Many people make purchasing decisions based on a brief advertisement; legal advice is no exception to this rule, and direct response TV ads work really well. With a significant percentage of veterans qualifying for disability benefits, you want to be sure your firm is reaching this audience. The market for VA disability law is growing and the number of attorneys is as well. To remain competitive, it is important to create effective direct response ads, brand awareness, and make your company stand out from the rest.

What a Law Advertising Agency Can Do

Law advertising agencies specialize in creating a marketing plan for law firms and individual attorneys. They can create a strategy that combines online and offline marketing. The majority of consumers research online before making a purchase. Your online presence includes your website, which should thoroughly cover the services you can provide, as well as online advertising. Offline, television commercials are still one of the best ways to reach potential contingency fee clients.

Working with an agency ensures that you will receive professional and knowledgeable assistance. Your advisor can work with you from the beginning to craft a tasteful direct response commercial that gets your message across. Advisors can help with every step of the process. This includes writing a script, hiring talent, and producing the commercial. He or she will also analyze the success of your commercials and provide detailed feedback for future project improvement.

How a Law Advertising Agency is Different

Law advertising agencies have access to the tools necessary to gauge which methods will work best. They have detailed information on local networks to determine the most appropriate airing times for veterans disability commercials. An agency that specializes in law with also have a familiarity with the type of business and clients you serve.

An agency also has the distinct advantage of already having a reputation with the various media outlets. Many individual law firms are inexperienced in this area and may avoid media buying due to the perceived costs and hassle of negotiations. Your marketing advisor can assist you in negotiating the best possible rates, targeting the programming that reaches your potential clients, and improving your cost per case.


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