How To Find A Reputable Auto Accident Attorney Toledo

by | Mar 4, 2013 | Lawyer

Auto Accident Attorney Toledo understands and takes extra caution and care by being mindful of questions and concerns you may have. Where might you find the best Auto Accident Attorney in Toledo for your up-coming case? First, network with friends, co-workers and family. Find out if they know of good attorneys that could handle a new case. It would be best if someone you knew had been involved in an auto accident lawsuit. This way you have lots of feedback from them.

Another good way to find excellent attorneys is to look on-line. Find one who specializes in car accidents. Read the customer reviews for firms you are thinking of hiring. Make sure these firms can back up what they are advertising. Stay away from statements such “the top”, “the best”, “leading”. You want to be able to verify if you want to solid facts that the firm says they can do. The Yellow Pages is outdated, so you figure if attorneys are advertising there, they too, are most likely outdated. You don’t want that. Stick to networking with friends, referrals or the internet to find auto accident attorney in Toledo.

Once you’ve narrowed your selection down to three attorneys, do some spy work by calling third parties. Find out what legal publications have to say about the firm you’re contemplating hiring. Try to find cases handled by these firms.
If you really want to go the extra length for verification purposes, then call the Martindale-Hubbel as well as the State Bar of Michigan. You can visit their websites as well. What you will want to find out is whether or not the attorneys have a good reputation. Martindale-Hubbell’s AV Rating is the highest rank an attorney can get, so if your attorney’s are on this list than you’ve got one of the best.

You want the attorney that you select to be one of the leaders in Michigan legal organizations. There are many. Some organizations include the American Association for Justice, the Michigan Association for Justice and the State Bar of Michigan.These attorneys will be up on the latest Michigan developments pertaining to auto accidents and negligence personal injury law.

After verifying and you feel comfortable with the process and your selection, now it’s time to call. Most times, attorneys will have you come in to speak with them with no charge. Some attorneys will charge a consultation fee. This meeting is extremely important. It is imperative that you have a list of questions to ask the attorneys who you are considering. Then you can assess and evaluate the best attorney for you.


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