Social Security Disability Benefits Illinois

In order to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, one must have some disability that results from a multitude of health problems. However, depending on if one is employed, what one’s age is, and various other factors, they may still qualify for the benefits. Basically, there is a very small amount of people who actually qualify for these benefits, which is why the Nash Disability legal team was created in the first place.

Most people who apply for disability benefits from Social Security are denied, since the description of those who are able to receive them is so specific. One example of an unjust reason to be denied the benefits is if the client’s doctor is not aware of what is important to the client’s claim, which is unreasonable since that is in no way the client’s fault. In order to qualify for the benefits Social Security provides for those with disabilities, the client must have worked for a sufficient amount of time in their life and paid nearly, if not all, of their FICA taxes. However, even if the client represents that completely, they can still be refused benefits by the government. Also, those with mental illnesses may qualify for disability benefits.

Once a client appeals for Social Security disability benefits, their case is looked over by a disability examiner who decides whether to forward the claim or deny it entirely. This process and the steps that follow it can take up to four months to complete, and even worse, if the client’s claim is denied, it will take an additional year and a half for the word that it has been denied to reach the client. That’s almost two years of waiting around just to hear that they haven’t received any benefits whatsoever, which is an absurd amount of time.

The Nash Disability legal team helps its clients to make it through this long laborious process and receive the disability advantages that they deserve at the end of it. They confront representatives of social security and present medical records and supporting evidence to suggest that their clients have a right to the benefits Social Security claims to give out in great amounts. Many times, the legal team succeeds in its efforts and wins the client their well deserved benefits, which they only end up seeing in small amounts over the next few years. One small step in the right direction for the company; they hope to make it an even larger on in the years to come.

The Nash Disability legal team helps its clients to receive the disability advantages that they deserve.



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