How to Handle a Hit and Run Tractor Trailer Accident in Newport

There are many drivers who, after realizing they are at fault in an accident, speed away to avoid being sued by the other driver. These are common cases exhibited by drivers who don’t have an insurance coverage for their tractor, are mentally impaired, have an outstanding warrant of arrest, or are driving without a license. If you are a victim of hit and run Tractor Trailer Accident in Newport, you may need to hire a lawyer to help you know the legal options you can pursue.

Most people who are involved in a hit and run accident do not know what to do because they are usually left in a shock or acquire injuries that incapacitate them. However, there are simple actions you can take that may go a long way in ensuring you are compensated for any injuries. Some of these actions include:

Observe the tractor carefully

Try to note the offending tractor license plate number, color, make, model and the number of passengers in it. Watch to see which direction the driver takes and note any damage on the tractor or trailer. Such information can greatly help police officers to track the car.

Notify the authorities

It is wise to call a police officer or dial their emergency number so law enforcement personnel can assess the accident scene. Ensure they know that it is a hit and run accident to help them come adequately prepared. They may also alert other police officers who are in the direction the driver at fault took so they may try to intercept the truck before it can change the route or find a place to hide.

You should also inform your car insurer immediately so they can begin their own investigation. A positive investigator’s report can help you get compensated for the injuries you have incurred. This is only possible if your car insurer treats a hit and run accident as if you were hit by an uninsured motorist.

These are some of the things you can do after being involved in a hit and run Tractor Trailer Accident in Newport. You should talk to a competent personal injuty attorney to help you get compensated by your car insurer.

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