How to Recover Car Accident Damages With the Car Accident Injury Attorney in Birmingham AL

by | Jun 6, 2014 | Lawyers

You are entitled to compensation for your medical expenses and your physical and emotional suffering if you have been injured due to the fault of another person’s negligence or premises which were not properly cared for. An experienced personal injury attorney is the person you need to help you recover this compensation. He can take all of the immediate actions necessary to put you back on the path to financial stability.

Car Accident Injury Attorney in Birmingham AL will assemble all of the facts of the accident so he has a clear understanding of the cause. He will visit the scene of the accident to see if any cause of the accident may still be visible. Speaking with the EMS workers and the investigating police will fill in some more details.

The attorney may interview witnesses if any seem to have a definite impression of the accident. There may be justification to conduct a background check on witnesses who seem to be aloof. A witness may forget key elements of the accident, so taking a statement will protect against loss of valuable information.

The next step may be to examine the other driver’s vehicle to determine if it shows signs of careless use and maintenance. The vehicle may have bald tires and sheet metal dings or bad brakes. The attorney will conduct a background check on the driver. This may reveal traffic violations, a DUI, or prior accidents.

Your attorney will want your current medical records and a prognosis of your recovery. Any settlement should include money for anticipated future medical problems. This may be an ongoing process until you have recovered.

One tool the Car Accident Injury Attorney in Birmingham AL has at his disposal is the deposition. This is a process where either a witness, a doctor, the police or the driver is compelled by the law to answer questions under oath. This process often reveals a lot of valuable information and it will be used in court if any person who was deposed changes their testimony.

When the attorney believes the time is right, he will prepare a settlement agreement and present it to the other party’s insurance company. This may bring a response that is a definite “No,” or it may set the tone for discussions about the settlement. However, an attorney at Forstman & Cutchen LLP will aggressively pursue the case in court.

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