Identifying the Terms with a Separation Agreement Lawyer in New Market

In Maryland, a legal separation isn’t the same as a divorce. However, it provides couples with the benefits of a marriage and a divorce. Their lives are separate and they cannot hold each other accountable for adultery. In some cases, the couple may use the separation agreement for their divorce. A separation agreement lawyer in New Market guides couples through the process.

Managing the Assets

During the separation, each party has access to the marital assets. However, if the couple prefers, they can go ahead and set up an agreement that separates their assets equally. If they separate the assets during a separation, it is possible for them to use the same terms if the couple decides that they want a divorce.

Custody and Parenting Plans

Custody arrangements and parenting time are also set up during the separation. The couple doesn’t have to create a permanent custody arrangement, but it is ideal for them to reach some form of an agreement. The agreement appears in the separation terms and prevents issues down the road. The couple can make alternative plans that meet their needs at any time as long as they both agree.

Health Insurance Coverage

A legal separation entitles a spouse to health care and insurance coverage. Since the couple isn’t getting a divorce, they can continue to receive certain benefits of divorce. The spouse who started the health insurance policy is required to continue to pay premiums and provide coverage.

Managing Spousal Support

A separated couple must continue to support each other financially. If a spouse isn’t working or has always been a homemaker, their spouse may be ordered to provide support during the legal separation. The separation agreement defines the exact value of the alimony payments and for how long they are provided.

In Maryland, a legal separation gives a couple the opportunity to determine if they want to get a divorce. It allows them to live separate lives and start relationships with other people if they choose. It also entitles the couple to the same benefits they received during the marriage. Couples who need help from a separation agreement lawyer in New Market can browse our website now.

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