If You Need A Bail Bondsman, Check in Oklahoma City

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Lawyer

Life can throw you a curve at times. Some of those times can include a call from a police department informing you that a close family member or a dear friend has been arrested. Then that person is put on the phone and they tell you their story of what has happened to them, and why they are under arrest.

The next morning you sit on a bench outside of the courtroom as you have agreed awaiting the next process. You speak with a person from court who tells you that the prisoner will need to be bonded out before it will be possible to be released from jail. You shudder when you realize the amount of money that will be involved and you know you do not have that money. That is when you know you need to find a bail bondsman. Then you really get concerned since you have never dealt with one.

In the state of Connecticut, it is really not difficult. Check on-line or in the phone book and find bail bondsman Oklahoma City. You will find names of several from the area. They are located in Oklahoma City, but many service the entire state, and can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can speak with an agent who can make arrangements to meet to go over the paperwork. You will also be told the kinds of things you will need to bring. First of all, you will need to know who is putting up the surety for the prisoner. Does the prisoner have money, a bank account, any property, investments, etc that they could put up as collateral. If the prisoner does not have any liquid assets to put up immediately, the bail bondsman in Oklahoma City is willing to negotiate a payment plan.

One has to be very cautious and be sure that all of the paperwork is read thoroughly. Make sure you listen to everything that the bondsman explains, and ask questions if you are not sure of something. There are rules by which the bonded person must abide, like not leave the state without notifying the appropriate people. Payments must be made on time, or they will be subject to arrest. They must keep all court dates, etc. When you are sure, then sign.

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