Involved in a Truck Accident Resulting in Injury? Call Our Experienced Law Firm

Motor vehicle accidents of any kind can be devastating for victims that become injured as a direct result. Large trucks can cause debilitating injuries and even death in a large number of cases. These vehicles weigh tons, an d injuries sustained are often serious and permanent. The injured person might require costly medical treatment that might last a lifetime. If you or another member of your family does become involved in a truck accident resulting in injury, call our experienced law firm to speak with a compassionate and highly qualified Chicago truck accident attorney for a free consultation about your unique case.

It can be difficult to prove fault in a truck accident case. There are personal injury laws on each state’s legal books that protect the victims in these situations. A trained lawyer that specializes and knows all of the changing personal injury laws in Illinois is your best bet in recouping the necessary monetary and medical/health care benefits that might be due you and your family. If another driver is at fault or a trucking company neglected to keep their truck fleets in good condition, they might be held liable in a court of law. A respected Chicago truck accident attorney is happy to review the details of your personal injury case at no cost.

Truck accidents can cause horrific injuries to nearby vehicle occupants, pedestrians and even the truck driver. If the accident was caused by driver error, unauthorized access, from unsafe truck components or due to local highway construction mishaps, a dedicated Chicago truck accident attorney can get to the bottom of each different case. This law firm has provided outstanding legal representation for many area truck accident lawsuits. There is a burden of proof that must be proved. Contact Shea Law Group at

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