Important Considerations Before Applying for a Bail Bond in Milford CT for a Friend or Relative

In many cases, a relative or friend is the person who acquires a Bail Bond in Milford CT for a loved one who has been arrested. In some instances, this person applies for the bond and pays the fee. In other cases, the relative or friend co-signs the application. This person must be certain that the defendant is trustworthy enough to show up for all court dates.

Taking on Responsibility

Both the bonding service and the customer essentially become responsible for the defendant’s adherence to the rules of bail. If the defendant does not appear for a hearing or other court date, the cash bail amount becomes due. That figure can be quite high. The bonding service does not expect to pay this, and the responsibility falls on the customer who signed or co-signed the application.


It often is reasonable for someone to acquire a bail bond in Milford CT for a loved one. A son or daughter, a parent or a sibling who has never been in trouble before will probably be seen as low risk. The same may be true for a close friend that the person has known for many years. Spouses commonly obtain bonds for a husband or wife.

In other situations, people must stop and think carefully about this decision. Romantic partners who have only been together for a few months may want very much to help, but they probably don’t know this individual very well at all. Unless this person would have no trouble paying for the cash bail if the defendant runs away, taking on this responsibility is a big risk.

Sometimes the person who obtained the bond knows where the defendant went but cannot make contact or convince this person to return. He or she has the option then of telling the bond service or the court of the defendant’s location.

Concluding Thoughts

If this level of trust does not seem misguided, then it’s time to contact a service such as Aces Bail Bonds for assistance. The service typically requires applicants to have held the same job for a minimum amount of time and to have a certain level of creditworthiness. Check out more information at the website.

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